Ultimate Guide on Sell My Flooded Car For Top Cash

Ultimate Guide on Sell My Flooded Car For Top Cash

Australia suffered a series of devastating floods– four times in a row. One of the worst hits was the areas of Southwest and North East.And with these floods came mass-level destruction and devastation. Schools were forced to shut down. There was a widespread power cut-off for hours in all areas. Thousands of homes were evacuated.Floods cause enormous damage to vehicles besides property and other valuables. By definition, a flooded vehicle is one that is completely, or partially submerged in rainwater. This results in water seeping into its body, engine, transmission, or other factors leading to several mechanical and technical issues.So, how to sell a flooded car for top cash? Hold on to your horses. We have crafted a complete guide covering everything from A to Z.

Fastest Damaged Car Parts in Floods

Now, this is something critical to know. Knowing what car parts are most prone to damage or get easily rusted by flood water. This will help you avert any headache and hassle later on. So practice caution and get it cleaned out fast. Otherwise, you will need to get them replaced at a very high cost.

  • Axle Shafts
  • Steering System
  • Brake Rotors
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust System
  • Rubber Components and Seal
  • Underbody
  • Inside of Door Panels
  • Fuel Tank
  • Brake Shoes
  • Disc and Drums
  • Tensioner Assemblies
  • Seating

Tips for Selling your Flooded Car for Top Cash

It is true that it is difficult to sell a flooded car due to the damage caused to its interior and exterior. The good part is, there are still ways to make money by selling a flooded vehicle.

Here are some simple steps to follow to sell your flooded car:

Assess Damage: The first step you should take is to get your car checked by a professional mechanic to fully assess the damages from flooding. After a detailed review, you can set an honest price for your vehicle.

Assemble your documents: Secondly, you need to get all the vehicle documents together so you can easily sell them to potential buyers.

Look for potential buyers: Finally, you need to put up ads to look for individuals interested in purchasing salvaged cars. And, don’t worry. You can find a large market for flooded vehicles. Some people buy damaged cars to scrap out the parts in good condition.

Ways To Earn Cash for Flooded Cars

1) Repair and Sell

If the flooded vehicle require minor repairs, you will be on the gaining side. An investment worth a few dollars will reap great profits.But, you will first need to hire a professional mechanic to list all the work needed. Then you need to analyze whether the repairs are worth it or exceed the vehicle’s value. In the latter’s case, it’s better to sell the car as is.

2) Sell It For Parts

Is your flooded vehicle still able to retain some valuable parts that haven’t been damaged yet? Salvaging it for spare parts can give you more money than you think. You can part out the panels, seats, windshield, windows, interior trim, and more. Once most of the parts are stripped, then you can sell the remaining metal frame to a scrapyard and get a profit.However, it is worth remembering that this method requires careful calculation for each part, and then all the parts compared to the estimated value of the overall vehicle.

3) Contact A Junkyard

Has the flooded vehicle been declared written off? Is it neither safe nor legal to drive?The easiest of all options is to sell it to a junkyard. Many scrapyards in Australia buy junk cars, trucks, SUVs, and 4X4s. Best Cash for Carz also operates a large, state-of-the-art scrapyard. We provide eco-friendly car wrecking and recycling of all end-of-life vehicles.

4) Sell It Privately

This may be daunting at first. You might believe that there are hardly any individuals interested in buying a flooded vehicle. But to say that, it’s not impossible either.Some people are still passionate about buying vintage and rare modeled vehicles. They are happy to fix and stock it in their collection. In other cases, buyers will be interested in some parts of your car.

5) Get In Touch with a Cash for Car

Finally, the most convenient of all options is to contact a Cash for Car Company like ours. You can visit our website and fill out the Online Form given for a Quick Quote. You can also call us or email our team for the Estimate.Receive a phone call from our Representative to schedule an Appointment and get a free Car Removal in Melbourne. Everything at a time, date, day, and place you decide.

The Bottom-line

Over the past three years, the record-breaking rainfall in the Eastern Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria was the driving force behind these floodings.With Cash for Cars Melbourne at your side, you don’t need to worry anymore. We are a reliable car-buyer that makes selling your flooded car for top cash a convenient and fast process