Trustworthy Car Buyer To Sell Unwanted Cars in Melbourne 

BestCashForCarz is a reliable and licensed car buyer based in VIC. And with us, you can receive a variety of perks such as:

  • BestCashForCarz is a reliable and licensed car buyer based in Melbourne. With us, you can receive a variety of perks such as:
  • Competitive cash for cars in Melbourne
  • Instant cash up to $9,999
  • Free car removals all over the suburb
  • Prompt customer service
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Online obligation-free car evaluations
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    Reliable Cash For Car Service In Melbourne, VIC

    BestCashForCarz plays an important role in offering customers an easy way to sell unwanted cars in Melbourne and pays the highest cash for cars for all types of vehicles without any hassle. Our aim has always been to provide car owners with a service where they can securely sell their car and get it removed without worrying about towing costs. Hence our services offer all the amenities you look for when selling a car. We also pay you cash up to $9,999 for all types of cars regardless of their make, model, or condition. So what are you waiting for?
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    Sell Unwanted Cars In Melbourne 

    A Stress-free Kind Of Unwanted Car Selling!

    We offer customers a variety of services with which they can sell their cars within a day.

    Unwanted Car Value Estimator

    Get your car valued conveniently. No need to visit car mechanics or professional evaluators to know the price of your unwanted vehicle. Simply fill out the “Quote form” on our website and receive an obligation-free quote within minutes.

    Cash for cars

    What is cash for cars service? This service allows you to Sell Unwanted Car Melbourne and, in exchange, receive instant cash. By choosing this service, you can save your time, and money and sell your vehicle without any know-how of the automobile market. We make sure to offer our customers fair quotes for their vehicles and convenient services through the car-selling process.

    Car Removals

    BestCashForCarz provides quick and professional car removal services from anywhere in Melbourne. We understand most people avoid selling their old cars because towing charges can overshadow any profit they make off their unwanted vehicles. That’s why all of our towing services are free, and we have a variety of tow trucks available to offer efficient pickup.

    Scrap Car Yard

    Wondering what we do with the vehicles we buy? BestCashForCarz takes all the cars purchased in Melbourne to our wrecking yards. These facilities are equipped with the latest equipment, making disassembling and scrapping these vehicles easy. All of our processes are carried out in an eco-friendly manner. And our facilities are up to code to offer the highest quality of service.

    Second-hand Parts

    Our inventory includes more than 9,000+ different types of car parts for Korean, Japanese, European, American, and Australian vehicles. For an inventory look-up, call our customer service team, and they will guide you regarding the parts you need to purchase.

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    Choose Us And Sell All Types Of Cars In VIC

    BestCashForCarz is a highly trusted car buyer in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on providing customers ease while Selling Unwanted Car Melbourne. So whether you own an Australian, American, European, Korean, or Japanese vehicle, we will purchase it from you and pay you a fair price.

    Here is a list of brands of cars we buy in Melbourne:

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    How To Sell Unwanted Cars In Melbourne

    We developed our services to be quick, effective, and hassle-free. With BestCashForCarz, you can be at ease knowing all of our processes follow a strict code of ethics, and it’s never our intention to cheat our customers.

    With us, you can sell unwanted cars in Melbourne within 24 hours of booking. Simply follow our 4-step process and get top cash for cars in Melbourne up to $9,999 instantly.

    Step 1 – Figure out the worth of your car

    You can easily know the value of your car by filling out the valuation form. All we require is basic information about your vehicle, such as its make, model, condition, year of purchase, odometer reading, etc. And once we receive this, we will provide you with a quote instantly.

    Step 2 – Get your car inspected to receive an offer

    If you like the quote provided by our team, give us a call to book an on-site car evaluation with our experts. Our evaluators will arrive at your location and appraise your vehicle before making an offer.

    Step 3 – Sign the papers to accept the offer

    If the offer is made to your liking, sign the documents provided and transfer the vehicle’s title to us. Once that is done, we will pay you instant cash for cars in Melbourne without delay.

    Step 4 – Get FREE car removal in Melbourne

    Once all the legality is out of the way, our tow truck drivers will load your car and remove it for FREE without any hidden fees or extra charges.

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    The Best Unwanted Car Buyer In Melbourne Market

    BestCashForCars understands that all vehicles have value, whether they are brand new or at the last stages of their lives. That’s why whatever condition of the car you have, we will willingly pay you up to $9,999 in instant cash. All of the scrap vehicles we purchase are used for parts and scrap metal which we recycle in the most environmentally conscious manner. Here are some conditions of vehicles eligible for our services:

    • Cars with missing parts
    • Vehicles with electrical or mechanical faults
    • Cars with busted exhaust systems
    • Wrecked vehicles
    • New cars
    • Old cars
    • Fire-damaged vehicles
    • Junk cars
    • Vehicles with a damaged body
    • Flood-damaged vehicles
    • Rusted cars
    • And more
    Call us today and book your FREE car removals in Melbourne, and our team will arrive within 24 hours and purchase your car right from your doorstep.

    Why Us?

    Help you save time

    Our business model is developed to make things easy for you. That’s why we help you avoid all of the things involved in a traditional car-selling process, such as

    • Fixing your car
    • Advertising it on various platforms
    • Arranging viewings so potential buyers can test drive your vehicle

    Provide 100% customer satisfaction

    Serving you is our top priority. We do our best to offer you the highest value and ease when you choose us. All of our processes are customer-centric, and our team is available at all times to answer your queries.

    Trusted by everyone

    BestCashForCarz is a registered and licensed business in Victoria. We have been serving this market for over a decade and have built goodwill among our customers in VIC. Along with that, to maintain the quality of our services, we only hire the most trained and licensed people to do the job.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I sell unwanted cars in Melbourne?

    Simply call BestCashForCars at 0422 009 009. We have a variety of tow trucks available to remove all types of vehicles regardless of their size, shape, or model. Give us a call, and we will arrive at your premises, pay you cash up to $9,999, and provide FREE car removals.

    How do I get rid of a car I don’t want?

    You can either sell it to a private buyer, dealership, or BestCashForCars. We are the best choice if you are looking for a reliable buyer willing to purchase any and all types of vehicles within 24 hours.

    How much will I get for scrapping a car in Melbourne?

    When scrapping a vehicle in Australia, you are expected to earn anywhere from $50 – $300 for smaller vehicles,$100 – $600 for sedans and hatchbacks, and $400 – $9,999 for heavier vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, busses, etc.The price you will receive will depend on the amount of usable metal present in your car.

    Where is the best place to sell a car?

    There are many dealerships and online marketplace available where you can sell your car for a profit. But if you are looking to sell your car quickly, BestCashForCarz is the best choice. We not only offer customers up to $9,999 for all types of vehicles but also FREE removal Melbourne-wide.

    What paperwork do I need to sell my car?
    1. Valid ID card with photograph
    2. Proof of vehicle ownership
    3. Records of any outstanding debt