How To Sell A Car For Parts – An Online Guide 2023

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Has your car been in an unfortunate accident, or is its maintenance just getting heavier on your pocket every day? We understand that there can be scores of reasons why you want to get rid of your car.

If you are now wondering what the process of selling a car for parts is, then this blog will be your perfect guide on this journey. Many auto companies will buy your car for parts readily, but how do you choose auto part recyclers that suits your needs? Keep reading to know more.

Why Sell A Car For Parts?

A car with electrical or mechanical faults can get expensive to get repaired. The easiest way to get rid of such a car is by selling it for cash to a cash for cars company or a salvage yard to dismantle.

If you scrap a vehicle, it can get you up to $1,000 easily. But what if we tell you that there is a way to earn even more?

Yes. You can also sell an automobile for parts and earn a lot more than otherwise. Australia has a huge market for buying and selling used car parts. So, if your car is non-roadworthy or costing you huge bucks for maintenance, sell it to used car buyer in Melbourne for parts and make good money or you .

The Method Of Recycling A Complete Vehicle

Scores of junk, scrap, old, or simply unwanted cars are decaying in backyards and driveways in Australia. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can sell a complete car by dismantling its parts and selling those parts individually.

The moment of truth: recycling a complete car on your own will take a lot of time and energy. And doing it for the first time can make the process even trickier.

However, there is an easier option. You can sell the complete car as is to a car buyer rather than at auction. All you need to do is request an inspection. They come to you, make a price offer and take care of the rest.

Selling a car for parts to a company like Best Cash for Carz saves your precious time and offers you instant money with no hassle.

Tips For Selling A Car For Parts

As a car owner, only you can make the final decision to sell your car to a salvage yard, sell it for parts on your own or donate to a charity.

But here are a few tips to follow before selling your car for parts:

  • Clear Outstanding Payments:Before initiating the process, ensure all outstanding amounts or loans on your vehicle are settled. This step is essential to streamline the legalities of selling your car for parts.
  • Confirm Ownership:Make sure the car is officially under your ownership. Legal ownership is a prerequisite for selling it for parts.
  • Remove Personal Belongings:Prior to selling, thoroughly check and remove all personal belongings from the car. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction.
  • Car Cleaning:Presenting a clean and well-maintained car increases its appeal. Clear out any inconvenient items such as plastic bags, disposable cups, or jewelry items. A well-maintained car is likely to fetch a better price.
  • Research Valuable Car Parts:Before selling, research online to identify the most valuable car parts. Older or worn-out parts may fetch less money than newer, in-demand components. Understanding the market value of each part can help optimize your earnings.

After taking care of the above tips, read online about the car parts that are more valuable as the older or worn-out parts will get you less money than the new or higher in-demand ones.

High Return Car Parts

Some car parts are more valuable and thus more expensive than others. Here we discuss the most valuable car parts and their detail:

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter in a car converts the harmful fumes into safer emissions. Replacing this part is not a complex process, but the part itself is an expensive one.


The transmission tends to be the most expensive car part. And it may even not be worth it if your car is already old.

However, if your car is not at the end of its useful life, then selling the transmission as a part can get you good money.


A car’s camshaft controls the air intake of the engine and is thus one of the most valuable parts. It can erode when you skip the oil changes or there are issues with nearby parts of the camshaft.

As broken camshafts need replacement and thus have a higher demand, you can sell them for good cash.


An engine alternator is your battery’s power supplier. Your car’s electrical system can become damaged if the alternator stops working.

Replacing an alternator is expensive, which is why car owners look to buy a second-hand alternator. So, you can sell your engine alternator for a good price.

Fuel Pump

The car part that is responsible for supplying the right pressure amount to the fuel injectors is the fuel pump. It can become clogged with time because of wear and tear or low-quality fuel.

If you get it serviced regularly, that means that your fuel pump is in good condition. And so you can earn a good price by selling it as a used car part.

The Best Way To Sell A Car For Parts

Selling a car for parts is better than dumping it in a landfill. Recycling a vehicle doesn’t just let us reuse and recycle car parts but also positively impacts the environment.

It is the best way to sell a car if you have the resources and skills to sell individual parts. But even if you are a busy bee and want to get rid of your vehicle in a hassle-free way and quickly, there is a more convenient alternative.

You can sell your car for cash in Melbourne.

We buy unwanted, old, junk, broken, and scrap cars for parts in Australia. Our aim is to make car selling an easy and rewarding process. And that is why we provide a quick quotation, free inspection, and free car removal along with top dollars for cars up to $9,999.

After reading this blog, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision about your oldie!